Sunday, 16 June 2013

Drowning in Equipment. - The hoops you have to jump through and the crap you have to keep!

Equipment - Arghhhhh.
I hate all this equipment.
And it is so hard to shift.

At the end of the day, I know it is just people doing their job, but really the system is so silly, I can't get my head around it.
For example -
Me -  We need an outdoor wheelchair. You know, the kind you can use outdoors.
The Policy Makers - Oh no, you can't have an outdoor wheelchair until you have had an indoor wheelchair for 6 months.
Me - But we don't need an indoor one, my son crawls in the house.
The Policy Makers - Then maybe you don't really need an outdoor one!
Me - Sorry? Can you see my son crawling down the street? We definitely need an outdoor one.
The Policy Makers - Well then, you have to have an indoor one for 6 months first.
Me - OK. Erm ,  can we use the indoor chair in hospital then?
The Policy Makers -  Well, I guess, but can you get it into the building without it going 'outside'?
Me - Well, it would have to go across the car park and in through the main door.
The Policy Makers - Ohhhh No! Sorry, can't take it across a car park.

Ok - so the indoor only chair sits at the bottom of my stairs for 6 months, never used, charged up once a week so the battery doesn't die.

6 Months Later.....

Me - Are we ready for that outdoor chair yet - so my son can go to school??
The Policy Makers - You had your indoor chair for 6 months then?
Me - Yes.
The Policy Makers - OK - it's  a two year waiting list for an outdoor chair. If I was you, I would just go get a private chair from somewhere else.
Me - @#*$@~

And then we have the equipment we have got, and this stuff isn't cheap. it costs thousands. I never thought a specialist car seat could cost over £1,600, but put the word specialist in front of it and the price triples.

So we have some chairs - very expensive chairs. Bought by the NHS. For thousands.
We don't really use them - we have found excellent alternatives that suit us much better and cost next to nothing in comparison.
Can I get rid of these chairs?- Can I boot.

Me -We have a couple of chairs we don't need. Do you want them back to pass onto another child who needs them?
The Policy Makers - Are you sure you don't need them?
Me - Yes.
The Policy Makers - Well, why don't you hang onto them in case you do decide to need them.
Me - No really, we don't want them. We don't need them. We don't use them.
The Policy Makers - Hold onto them anyway because you never know!
Me - But they are just sitting in my shed doing nothing.
The Policy Makers - Are you sure you don't need them?
Me - @#*$@~

So I have a shed full, and I mean full of chairs and equipment we don't need. Or want - did I say THOUSANDS of pounds worth?

So yes, it really is the hoops you have to jump through and the crap you have to keep.

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