Thursday, 13 December 2012

So Many Specialists - So Little Time.

Someone recently asked me where we find the time to fit in all the specialists that we see. Well, over the years there have been a lot.
Some we now see only once or twice a year, but in the early days we would have up to five appointments a week.
Add this to caring for a child with a condition you knew nothing about before, as well as the other kids, and lo and behold, Qasim became my full time job!
That's probably why it can be hard to let go a bit now. I'm all for teaching him to be independent, but when he has been totally dependent on you for seven years it can be hard to step back!

Yes I can be overprotective, yes I can make great excuses and really sound logical arguments as to why we shouldn't do X Y or Z. But at the end of the day, when you have an OI child, you are there to protect them, care for them and help them along the way.

But you are also there to teach them to do things for themselves. To show them that they can do the same things as their friends, just a little bit differently.
Because I won't be here for him forever - and sooner or later he has to take his own steps out into the big wide world alone.

I hope that he wouldn't want me tagging along with him to college, or high school, however hard and nerve wrecking it will be for us both!