Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Planning for the next big step

I can't believe we are planning this already... High school!
Past experience has taught us (the hard way)  to plan for these things well in advance. 
We had planned to go to a junior school,  which  said all the right things,  but unfortunately came no where near actually doing anything useful.  So we had a very quick transition to our current school which is fantastic.  Now we have to leave the fantastic school and venture into the realms of high school....... Very scary!
We have over a year and a bit for transition which is great.  And so far the high school we have opted for is mainstream, close enough to home,  and is saying all the right things.  We have a nice long transition period now where we can go visit with Qasim very regularly and see if this school can deliver what it says it can. 
So if you ever find yourself having to plan something like this,  it's NEVER too early to start.  Two years or one and a half years in advance is not too early.  Physio,  occupational therapy,  aides, parents, teachers and most importantly your child,  all have to be on board and all have to be happy to make it work. 
The earlier you start,  the earlier you can find potential problems and iron them out.
And any school that says two years is too early...? Don't bother going back to them!