Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Autism - Learning to love it!

I Know a few people whose children have autism. My boy does too. Personally I would put him as mild but his diagnosis has come back as moderate.

So this may not be popular with those whose children are worse than mine because each child is different and I wouldn't last more than 5 minutes with anyone elses autistic child, but I am learning to love my sons autism.

We are having some bathroom adaptations done to make the downstairs bathroom more wheel chair friendly.
Qasim is the kind of kid who loves routines and having things done at a set time,  in a set way. As long as he is warned of any changes in advance we are all good.
And let's be honest, you can make it work to your advantage.

We are NEVER late for school. EVER!
Because we have to leave the house at 8.25 precisely.  Which means we have to get Qasims uniform on at bang on 8.00. He has to have his breakfast at 7.45 which means he has to be up at 7.30.
So when he doesn't want to get up in the morning (and who can blame him) we just whisper the magic words 'but it's 7.30.' And boom - he's wide awake. If he is really tired he may ask 'is it am or pm' in the hope I will say pm - but reassure him it is indeed am, and he will be up and awake and ready for the day.

So to the bathroom adaptation.

He has been warned what is happening, he has to change rooms for two weeks because he can't sleep near any dust.
We have a new bed time.
And it is working!

So sometimes I love Autism.
No unpredictable melt downs because we know what will trigger one off and avoid the trigger.

And Qasim is better than an alarm clock for keeping us all on track!

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