Friday, 9 November 2012

It's been a long time......

It has, hasn't it!
We have had soo many things happen.
Qasim is no longer a fox, he changed schools and is now a hedgehog.
We had a fantastic sports day at his old infant school, an amazing leavers concert, a very teary last day. But we made some life long friends, met some wonderful people and learnt a lot about where not to go to junior school!

Yes, we had a major upset were the proposed junior school where we were going to showed us just how incapable they were when it came to dealing with a child who had special needs. And then showed us how aggressive they could be when we decided it was not the place to be.
It also showed us how great the level of care at his infant school was.
Well, it looks like the new school has a lot to live up to.
I hope they're up for the challenge.