Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sickness bugs.......

The ones that make you sick.
Well, to be precise the ones that make Qasim sick.

Because Qasim is never a little bit ill. He is either absolutely fine, or he is really really ill.

Thankfully he isn't ill often. He is 8 yrs old and only ever had antibiotics once for a chest infection.

But sickness is his weakness.
He will be sick until there is nothing left to be sick with.
And he will be sick in his sleep but not be able to wake himself up. So at these times of stomach bugs, we have to sit up with him all night and help him if he is sick in his sleep.

So I'm really hoping that this bug is a short one and he is not ill overnight.

And if anyone knows any good remedies please please let me know!!

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