Sunday, 4 May 2014

No news is good news.....

They say no news is good news.
So this should be a warning that we have news.......
It has been such a long time, but since our last foot fracture waaaay back in about 2010, we have been pretty fracture free. Not including the odd finger here and there.
So today the sun is shining, the birds are singing and we get a letter from the childrens hospital that Qasim's vitamin D levels are low. So low as to be shocking.  (20-50 is deemed normal. Qasims is just over 7).
So we have the bright idea of doing some extra playing outside in the garden - soak up some of that sun and get that vitamin d boosted as naturally as possible while we wait for the gp to prescribe the supplements we need.

And thats when our 4 yr fracture free record is broken - quite literally.

It wasn't a fall or a trip. It wasn't anything dramatic like a football or a spare tennis ball flying around. One minute Qasim was fine, the next his foot gave way. Nobody near him, no knocks or bumps.

I guess this is the part of OI that we have forgotten about.
Sometimes there is just no reason to break. There is no sinister trauma or 'accident'.

My little man broke his foot just looking at the grass, listening to the birds and enjoying the sun.
So the rest of this beautiful sunny day was spent in hospital and having x rays done.
But at the end of the day we really have had an easy time the last few years.  We have seen our friends fracture over and over. Some have had fractures that just wont heal. Some have been stuck in hospital for weeks while dr's poke and prod and play guessing games, unable to give them a diagnosis.

So I guess one fracture in four years is really bloody brilliant!