Friday, 10 April 2015

Thomas Land Fun

Finally,  we all went out for a day trip.  The whole family!
That's seven kids with two adults- the amount of times I have muttered  'I must be mad'  in the run up to the actual day..... I have lost count!

When we go out on a day trip,  it is like a military expedition.  We have check lists of what to take and what NOT to forget. 

Did I mention the 24 sandwiches (three different types to keep everyone happy..), the 20 packs of crisps,  16 fruit snack bars,  24 fruit juices and 12 cans of cola?  In addition to the spare clothes for little ones because you never know,  three sick bags because you never know,  and an ample supply of nappies,  baby wipes,  kitchen towel and a few extra pairs of socks. .. because you never know!

So after getting the car packed full with that little lot,  including a pram,  a wheelchair and the nine of us,  we really need a break before we get there.

So onto Thomas land which is at Drayton Manor theme park..... 

Car parking wasn't particularly well sign posted,  especially for disabled bays.  We managed though by cutting across a few grassy patches that I don't think we were supposed to,  but we made it in the end.

And it was  busy.  Very busy.
Even so,  we weren't queuing for that long before getting through.  And the little ones loved Thomas.
There was plenty for the older kids as well with the main theme park rides. Disabled access to everything was fantastic. There was fast track access because we had the wheelchair to the Thomas and Percy train rides.  And staff helped us on the train before letting anyone else on the platform so there was no risk of crushing or pushing.... Such a relief with brittle bones. The train driver even stopped to chat with Qasim and check he was happy and everything was OK for him.
Because we had a mountain of food in the car we didn't try any of the vendors there for a big meal.  We did get two coffees and six ice creams which came to just about £18 so it wasn't too badly priced.  Obviously a bit pricey because these places always are, but not overly so.
Kids rides where short on queuing time,  but there was so many of them its not surprising.  The longest kids queue was probably the train ride which we fast for us it was only five minutes.
The main theme park had huge queuing times which we expected.  But that's not too bad -  older kids are happy to queue for a while before being hurtled through the air.  Small kids aren't!

All in all it was a great day.
Great entertainment, great staff and easily accessible. 
Not one autistic melt down in sight which is fabulous when it comes to these places. 
We can't wait to go back again.... But we  need a break from all that sandwich making first!

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Easter holidays are here!
We haven't had a bad run of late.
A few niggly issues with the recurrence of scoliosis which seems to have popped up over the last 6 months and appears to have a few professionals in a flap.
A few broken fingers over the last few months  but nothing we can't handle at home.
We are braving the theme park world and are soon to be visiting Thomas Land,  courtesy of the 2 yr olds love of all things Thomas  and trains.

So we are really hoping they are wheelchair/disability friendly,  and there are some good activities that everyone can get involved in. ..... Mmmmmmmm -  there maybe a Thomas Land Review coming up!

And don't forget Wishbone Day is coming up next month.  Awareness makes a huge difference  -  it's not about the money!  Xxx