Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hi all!

Hi all!
I can't believe it's been so long.... Again!
The broken arm is healing nicely,  but had to be left displaced.  Surgery to straighten it out wouldn't have worked,  so we have had 6 months of nice healing. Another 6 to go before its completely sorted,  but there's no pain and Qasim can use his arm almost as much as before! 
The moral of this story for Qasim is that x box is not worth rushing through the kitchen for -  but it's a struggle to stop him trying to shoot off again. 
But yet again we have seen how fab our local hospital is,  and how great the staff are.  We even had a nurse nip to Costa for us and get us a cuppa tea because of the really long wait for the plaster room.
That's not to say we love hospitals,  but at least when we have to go we know the staff are all great. 
Unfortunately,  one of my fellow OI mums has had some recent problems at their local hospital with unresponsive (very probably over worked!)  staff,  but we are extremely thankful for our local nurses,  doctors at consultants. 
What's coming up?
Transition to high school (gulp!)  and leaving primary school.  I think both will be harder for me than Qasim!