Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Charites and Gripes!

Well it's nearly May 6th. And that is Wishbone day. Which is the worldwide awareness day of Osteogenesis Imperfecta.
The motto for wishbone day is "awareness makes a difference".

Lots of people wear yellow on this day, and they do raise money for charity. Now this year, there seems to be a bit of trouble in the charity department!
Some people with kids who have the same condition as my son are feeling a bit short changed by charities at the moment.

People have had requests for helped ignored, support lacking, emails never returned. Questions over how money raised is spent.
So this year, I'm making a bit of a stand on this.
Wish bone day is not a money raising event - look at the wishbone day promo videos on you tube. They themselves state it's not about the money.
It is an AWARENESS day. Not a money day.

So I will be raising awareness of OI - which I do at every possible chance I get anyway.
And I'm not raising any money!

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