Saturday, 19 September 2015

Oh dear!

Quick Update

It had to happen one day!
Normally I update when I realise it has been a long while since I posted anything, or we have had a fracture.
Well this time we have a fracture.
Qasim fell in the kitchen last weekend.  He fractured his upper arm bone -  called the humerous. 
There MUST be a link between that name and why they call it the funny bone!  But I've never had the time to look into it. 
Anyway -  fracture was right through the bone and displaced,  so not very nice. 
Lots of pain relief and almost a week later,  and Qasim can finally move without being in pain. 
This looks like the beginning of looking at  rod surgery in the arms -  something I really wanted to avoid.  But we'll see.
Here's hoping the next few weeks go smoothly,  and Qasim heals up nice and strong. 

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  1. I'm hoping he heals quick! Such a strong spirit